Monday, October 30, 2006

Well wot da ya think of it so far Mr. Thompson

Hi Mr. Thompson Everybody,


I heard on bbc radio wales n other media about the new Global Warming issue. As human have a sybiotic relationship to the plant kingdom, we breath stuff that they love and they breath stuff that we love, and seeing as many more learned people than I have suggedted that the Rain forests are the Lungs of the Earth, wouldn't paying those nations where they predominate not to cut them down any more, infact pay them to allow what they have cut down to re-forest, because if they are the lungs of the earth cutting away huge swathes of it would be the same as if you did the operation on a human less oxygen to live with.

The same could be done along the busyiest motorways, maybe we have where possible a dense tree line along all of them, thick enough to absorb what they can of the vehicle emmissions?????After all I need only look from my home out accross Cardiff at certain rush hour periods to see the smoke generated.

I am sure that all the worlds governments could contribute to the payments for those nations involved with rainforest depletion to stop the process and maybe even make them world resources if necessary if the warning are so dire.

Maybe all the food waste in the developed nations from restaurants to school will be used to make compostable material and used in those areas where there is significant soil errosion, if Mr. Neale Donald Walsh of the Conversation with God books he has written are the truth on this issue.

If I did have the opportunity to voice my view on your web site Mr. Thompson that is what I would be urging our world leaders to do.

Lets get back the GMC I wonder Mr. Thompson if the GP at the DWP had quoted me correctly whether someone might have maybe just maybe asked why would someone say that, maybe it would not have portrayed me as some kind of viscious lout, but someone who has reason to distrust, but noone did and the result, organisations that write a pack of lies and call it the truth, and everybody believes the health professional or the parliamentary professional.

They claim the HSSC (health n social services committee) that they want client lead services, like the first banner said if you can be a client. But when someone who isn't allowed to be a client because some scaredy cat pychiatrist runs out of the office because an incredulous client raises their voice in utter astonishment, at what they have just heard this well paid Mental Health Professional say their behaviour doesn't get a recommendation for help but the threat of the police calling, and with that the threat of being sectioned.

they do not equate any of that with the Pills they have been pushing for the parmacutical industry oh no. Then when a client says they would prefer to stick to the no-prescribed medication that they know best they are left to the black market for their supply, and the vagaries of black market prices, when just like the tomatoes they can grow if they choose why the hell not this plant, all because some 'Who Said Of The Greatest Magnitude' Says God made a mistake in creating this, i.e. The Medical profession.

So we lose all the benefits not only of the utilisation of hemp for its many properties but for the upliftment it might provide to those in suffering.


WOULD THAT be to much to put on your action network site Mr. Thompson. So far I have been offered very little in the way of advice or consideration, you have seen the reluctance of the water companies to change their mind, with regards to my so called debt, or to the increase in charges that sub-divided properties allow them to get away with, and the majority of such tenancies are not the wealthy but the impoverished.

DOES IT please the BBC to know that they are responsible for £1,000 fines or imprisonment of those who have no other choice because our forefathers were to naive to demand TV's that blocked the BBC signal. Isn't the BBC one of the biggest monopolies of all time, manufacturing industry could have produced such TV's so that noone in financial straights be denied a little home entertainment of just the independant channels, but no lets criminalise some more people shall we that appears governments sole reason for being in this country, LETS CRIMINALISE PEOPLE.

Tell me who is the real criminal Mr. Thompson someone who demands money with menaces, or someone who watches some programme because no other alternative was offered them. For myself you will know by now if you have read the water company blogs that I have not had a TV in the last 7 years all because I cannot afford your charges, and have had to much on my plate to deal with to need any court case over that, but have I really needed to go without having a TV where I could have watched independant TV Mr. Thompson, I don't really think so, do I want to see the demise of the BBC, would it make any difference to me Mr. thompson one way or the other, 'Eh Not! Crazydave'

Its a wonder the crown prosecution service has the cheek to process futher cases involving none payment of the license fee, based upon that lack of choice. To much for your readership Mr. Thompson, after all they are all non-hardworking scum according to the media aren't they!!!!

Not human beings but Criminals who ought to fill all the jails to overflowing or else why have jails eh Mr. Thompson. Then consciouslessness BBC. I personally thought my Granpa Simpson banner hit the nail on the head.

But I guess it would take you losing all of your assets and left to live on a state pension Mr. Thompson before you realise how many people live their lives and if not on state pension then on state benefit, that is in many cases less than that of a pension.

Thats me for today Mr. Thompson I hope my rant hasn't put you off considering the Rain Forest Situation, and its time I satred forwarding these blogs to the 484 House of Lords members whose emails addresses I could find.

Love n Light Crazydave.